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The Protocol Link Team

Founded in 1996, Protocol Link has been providing premier, comprehensive consulting services to FDA-regulated companies globally, ranging from start-ups to multi-national companies, serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, biotech, and biologic industries, along with private equity and venture capital clients.

Our experience and subject matter expertise enables us to provide customized results that fit your business requirements. We draw on our core team of seasoned professionals to partner with you and commit to facilitating a successful implementation of your company’s programs and business goals. Our broad range of services will cater to one or any combination of program elements to suit customer needs.


Protocol Link offers the best of both quality and efficiency. It’s how we’ve always done business. The right way. Knowing that our clients are counting on us, we have maintained our track record of doing our best to get it right the first time, every time. More than 95% of our business represents repeat engagements with satisfied clients, reflecting our commitment to service excellence.


Our Vision

Protocol Link’s Vision is to rank among the top firms globally in providing management consulting services to pharmaceutical, device & diagnostics, and biotechnology manufacturing companies while increasing the company’s brand as a specialty niche consultancy and maintaining its boutique appeal in delivering customized solutions to its clients.


Our expertise stems from the subject matter depth that is brought forward with passion and dedication to deliver the best client experience on every project Protocol Link undertakes.


Our philosophy is to build all-around success by forging strong supply chain relationships and delivering successful performance that is impactful and rewarding to all involved.


Our commitment is to render the best advice to our customers while helping them implement solutions in the most efficient and comprehensive manner possible.

Dipak Doshi, CEO

Dipak Doshi
Chief Executive Officer

Our commitment and focus that the collective team displays daily has been the true driver in the successes of Protocol Link.

Protocol Link has grown over the last 25+ years due in part to our unwavering commitment to establishing and maintaining relationships with our clients, colleagues, partners, and stakeholders.

Our philosophy is based upon a simple concept of providing the best available technical and business know-how to help our clients accomplish their project goals and exceed expectations. To me, we do our work because the service we provide is vital. The life sciences companies we aid are named that way because they are literally life-giving. Thinking about the work we have been able to complete in partnership with our clients, I truly believe there are more happy and healthy people on this planet.